About Dax

Dax Armand Martinez-Vargas, 32, is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY, and originally from Austin, Tx.  He left just in time to escape the gold rush and arrived to NY right after it's own gold rush in 2005.  Suksexful is one of his three music projects he developed while in NY.  His other two music projects are Sniper Twins and S U N F L A R E S.

Sniper Twins, the first music project, is a humorous rap duo he and Barry Flanagan created while working at MTV.  Their second music video, "Computer Friends", written and directed by Dax and Barry, went viral during November 2008.  They created 5 songs in total and released the tunes as singles, with each one having a music video.

While working on Sniper Twins, Dax wrote about 100 demos worth of tunes that his other projects came out of.  They didn't fit in with humorous rap duo genre so created new brands for these tunes.

Being a huge fan of Radiohead, Muse, Coldplay, White Stripes, Elbow, Doves, U2, and South, SUNFLARES came to life with the epic, earnest and cerebral sounds of the genre.  And then, almost opposite this genre, the sounds of Beck, LCD Soundsystem, Cake and Pavement influenced him to create Suksexful. With this project, Dax explores themes of lust and desire with an off beat, punkish spirit.

The demos and seeds of ideas in 2008 - 2009 eventually started to take shape around 2010-2012 and were slowly produced, while other new tunes were added, and eventually all of it led to an EP in 2014 which Dax released with 2 remixes of "So Down", which was produced by Sean Thornton.  He eventually took the EP down and rereleased for a day with a shocking cover and took down again.  However, now, Suksexful is to come out June 6th.  D-Day!

Dax is just beginning to schedule show dates so check back to see when they are.